One kick-ass tabletop RPG 

like most people, I was completely in the dark to the world of tabletop RPGs until a few months ago. (RPG stands for “role playing game”). The mainstream tabletop RPG today is Dungeons & Dragons, which most people have at least heard of. While D&D is a fantastic game full of adventure as far as the imagination can stretch, it can be a little much for someone learning tabletop RPG basics like myself. So I decided to do some research and found a fantastic game called Dungeon World. The game focuses more on the creative aspect, like how you choose to handle a situation, rather than a more number based format like D&D.

What you need

Players: Dungeon World is typically played with three to five players, one being the Dungeon Master and the rest being characters.(I’ll explain the DM’s role later). 

Dye: Each player has two die, one being the damage die for attacks/defense. The other being health/HP. The number of sided die depends on your characters damage and health. Normally a twenty sided and twelve sided are a safe bet. I’m using a twenty and a eight sided currently. 

Notebook: Each character has specific abilities which all play a role in how the story pans out. It’s important to have the basic moves and stats somewhere on hand for in game reference. 

Attention: This is a big one. Games like D&D and Dungeon World require absolute attention. When friends start to have side conversations or start using their cellphones it will kill the game. This happend a lot with my group of friends. Treat it like you would a movie. 

Map(optional): This can be really fun if done right. By right, I mean not over doing it. A big part of DW is discovering things as you play. It is a good idea to have a base model to get started though. Like a land mass with key points, things of that nature. 

Getting started

Now that you have some basic matireals it’s time to make your character. Dungeon World has pre-made characters that work well together. Click here for information on each character. Once you have picked a class click here and download the play kit PDF. Your character sheet should be there. Once you have filled out your sheet, you’re ready to play. 


The Dungeon Master

Now that everyone has a character it’s time to choose a DM. You can think of the DM as the narrator, creating the setting as you go along. (Vague example, you awake in a dim torch lit cell. You are chained to the wall. What do you do?). It’s important to remember as the DM that you are not making the story you are simply placing the characters in a situation,(trap doors, enemy’s, mind puzzles) and asking them how they want to go about it. As the characters it’s important to remember that you are not making the story you are simply choosing how to deal with scenarios thrown your way. Both the DM and the characters build the story together, otherwise it will get really boring. 

First Game

Now that you have everything and everyone ready, have the DM create a setting (ending with a question like, “what do you do?”). Each character will take turns making a move. Rolling the dice for attacks, defending, evading, or even just checking your surroundings for clues. If you haven’t already, click here for the play kit. There you will find the list of moves and such. 

Thanks for reading! 



“All that is” A way of thinking. 

Even to this day I’m not quite sure what lead up to my transformation in perception, and why I have such a burning passion to share and discuss it. Perhaps to help people in need. I can’t say why this way of perception brings me peace, but it does. I can’t say it will for you, but I hope it does. I wrote this summary as straight forward as possible, if you are confused at times just know that’s normal. Come back again if you wish and it will “click” if you will. Anyway, it’s tilted All That Is. 

All that is, is only all that is because you’re aware of it. Notice though, that you and it are differentiated. Like two sides of the same coin. They are differentiated but dependent on one another, or in other words they are relative. 
It’s no secret by now that all things that exist are relative. That is to say, all that is is differentiated but dependent. Take one atom out of the picture and the cosmos will change. By this logic all that is is a functioning unit. 

A funny thing happens when we observe this unit. The closer we think we get to it, through means of science or biology, it breaks into more “units” if you will. Almost like there was nothing to grasp to begin with. Even through observation to the farthest reaches of space, all constructions rest in yet another construction. 

If then, all that is has no beginning or end, would it not be ignorant to make a sum of that which has no sum? Giving all that is any shape or form would be giving it a sum weather through thought or word. It therefore is not “it”. If “It” refers to a sum. What would all that is be then? there is nothing you can do or say that will give you an answer as to what all that is is, it simply is. That is, in the sense it is not.

all concept is just thought. That is to say, because all “that is” is concept, nothing exist without the thought of it. You’re not thinking of it until you’re made aware of it. You’re not aware of it until you start thinking about it. we must then look at what thought is and what awareness is. What is thought? 

A strange thing happens when we try to define thought, or even think about thought. Its like looking in a dictionary for a word. When you find the word, the definition is the same word. Anything that can be said about thought is just more thought. look now and see if you can find any qualities to your thinking. Are your thoughts up or down, black or white, big or small?
Through my observation it is clear that thought too has no qualities. How can something exist without qualities? There is nothing you can do or say that will give you an answer as to what thought is, it simply is. That is, in the sense it isn’t.

All thought is, only because you are aware of it. What then is awareness? Awareness is there always. Even a black void has a witness, what then are the qualities of this witness? Is this witness up? Is this witness down? Is this witness big, is this witness small? Or are all those too just conceptual ideas, which appear to the witness. They are just as formless as the witness itself. How can something or someone exists with no qualities? There is nothing you can do or say that will give you an answer as to what awareness is, it simply is. That is, in the sense it is not

There must be qualities for existence, but all qualities are conceptual. All conception is thought, and all thought is just as quality-less as anything. Do you see the dream in it? The is not/is paradox. like a dream exist, its also is just a dream. It’s all the same dream. I’ve created a little phrase, it goes like this. “This that is not, is all there will never be.”

I’m going to end it here for you to ponder on, if you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading! 



Enlightened minds of the century’s 

This is a list of the most Enlightened minds (in my opinion) of the century. Although the list is numbered one through five they are not catogorized in any order. I couldn’t decide who would be in what place! So instead here is a list. 


 Alan Watts 

Best known for his western way of teaching eastern philosophy, writing, and speaking Alan Watts is certainly a great example of the cliché philosopher. Do not be eluded by his ordinary appearance. His style and character make for a fantastic read or listen. I recommend The Book. Click on his name above for more info.


Carl Sagan 

With a background in Astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, astrobiology, space science, and planetary science its safe to say Carl Sagan is one of the greatest minds of the century. He manages to explain things in a way most ordinary people can understand. He’s known for works such as Pale Blue Dot, and Cosmos with Carl Sagan. If you would like to know more about Carl Sagan click on his name above. 



Ramana Maharshi 

At the age of sixteen the Indian sage had a near death experience where he came to face the true “I” or “self”. Six weeks later he left his uncles home and set off on a journey to the holy mountain Arunachala in east India. He remained there for the rest of his life. He attracted many visitors, to which he remained silent and communicated through direct experience. If you would like to learn more about Ramana Maharshi click on his name above.


Jiddu Krishnamurti

Speaker and writer. Answering some of the most difficult question regarding humankind. His subject matter consisted of works such as psychological revolution, the nature of mind, meditation, inquiry, human relationships, and radical change. Without a doubt a brilliant thinker that deserves a spot on the list. If you would like to know more, click his name above


Elon Musk 

People like to refer to Elon Musk as real life Iorn man. He has found success as a entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, and investor. Most people know him as Teslas CEO. He also plays a major role is companies such as Sapce X, PayPal, Hyperloop, SolarCity, and Open AI. He stated that his vision for  these companies is to change the world and humanity, facing problems like climate change, sustainable energy and even the colonization of Mars. If you would like to know more, click on his name above 

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93 year old veteran finished three-year cross country journey

“My name is Ernie Andrus and I plan to run coast to coast in 2 to 4 years. I turned 90 in August, 2013. I plan on starting by touching the Pacific Ocean near San Diego, CA, on October 7th, 2013 and will touch the Atlantic Ocean near Brunswick, GA two to four years later.”

 Two years and ten months, three thousands miles later Ernie reached the Atlantic Ocean! Family, news reporters, friends he met along his journey, Online fans, and a marching band were all there awaiting his arrival. 

“Oh, it’s great,” Andrus told The Brunswick News. “I’m glad to have finished and met the goal. But I wish it wasn’t over.” Ernie turned 93 on Friday. His dive for all of this was to raise money to return a WWII-era ship in Indiana to Normandy, France, for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landing. He was a medic on a similar ship during the war.

The LSD experience, plus my story


Lysergic acid diethylamide better known as Acid, has to be the most discussed and consumed psychedelic in today’s western society. Weather for religious or recreational purpose LSD seems to have a profound impact on its users both of positive and negative nature. Sense its accidental creation in the 1930s by Albert Hoffman, acid has caught the attention and recreational usage amongst countless big names, Steve Jobs being one of them. Like most “out of the norm” activities can obtain large mounts of stigma and false accusations, the psychedelic experience is no different. So join me on this trip into the psychedelic experience as we debunk and educate.



For many people, any drug that isn’t “over the counter” is seen as nothing more than a party substance. While the recreational usage of LSD outnumbers the medical applications, more and more research is being conducted yielding tremendous results. Im not going to go in-depth about the research part but if you feel the interest click here. Acid in its form of consumption is a colorless, tasteless, scentless liquid. Most commonly distributed on small squares of blotter paper but can but put on most any consumable product that won’t degrade the chemical structure of the substance. Measured in Micrograms (ug) LSD is one of the most potent psychedelics out there today. The Erowid chart shows how the usage is categorized. 20 ug is the “threshold” dose. 25-75 ug is a “light” dose, 50-150 ug “common”, 150-400 “strong”, 400+ug “heavy”. A common dose can last anywhere from six to ten hours depending on the person. As mentioned above this is all measured in micrograms, this means because it takes such a small amount to make such a powerful psychological experience, a chemical overdose is unheard of.



The effects of a trip can give you some of the most amazing experiences a brain can conceive. Some of these include the loss of time, space, and self. A good place to start is to take a look at what is going on in the brain while “under the influence”. This is something quite new to the scientific community. When they first observed the brain under these conditions they saw parts of the brain connecting that normally wouldn’t! This is where the “hallucinations” and other sensory illusions come from. It mixes the senses, allowing seemingly impossible things to happen under high doses. Such as, seeing sound, tasting colors and so on. For those who are ill equipped for such experience, it can be related to loss of sanity or temporary schizophrenia. If you would like to read more about LSD and the brain click here

Side Effects

Everyone with a rational mind should look at the potential outcome of any action. When we put things into our body no matter the substance in particular, its important to remember a few things. One of them being the person. Every person is different, the possibility of some kind of allergic chemical reaction is not impossible. The second being, too much of anything is bad. All in moderation. The third is risk vs reward. Although there is no solid proof of any lasting effects, there is always a possibility.

My story

It’s hard to say exactly what lead to my experience with psychedelics. Perhaps my curiosity towards psychology, or just the unknown. I did my research quite extensively and decided to try it. Not for the purpose of just having fun but mainly to experience a taste of divinity everyone was talking about. Well I got what I asked for. I had taken close to 150ug in the past and seemed to be able to handle that quite well, so a 50ug blotter wouldn’t be out of my capabilities. Somewhere around an hour and a half after drop time the effects seemed much stronger than past happenings. I decided to look at the clock which read 8:47. I took note of this as it’s known to delude time perception. I continued to talk and mingle for what felt like two hours at minimum. Time to check the clock, so I looked again at the clock to see how much longer my trip was going to last. The clock read 8:47. I couldn’t believe it, so I had surrounding people confirm with their cellphones. I knew at that point it was going to be a long night. I decided that looking at the clock was useless at this point so I payed no attention to it. Exponentially the effects grew stronger, soon I was loosing my grasp of reality itself. Eventually I reached a point that’s quite hard to describe. There was no sensation of self or other, time, up or down, all relativity was halted. An ego death is the closest thing I can relate it to but even that lacks justice. Eventually, the same way I entered this “state” I came out of it. It scared me more than anything ever has. I do not consider it a good or bad experience. I do however, know my limitations now because of it. I do not recommend taking any drug that is not regulated, mainly because you don’t know what you’re getting. 

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Self-repairing fabric, and a squid…

Most of us know just how frustrating it can be when we put a blemish or tear on our favorite article of clothing. Thanks to a the researchers at Pennsylvania State University, we may soon never have to worry about those annoying tears again. The team discovered some very special protein compounds found in the tentacles of a squid. During analysis of the protein they realized it had self repairing qualities! That’s quite a discovery.  


The team decided to replicate the protein into a biodegradable liquid form from bacteria and yeast, this would allow the fabric to re-bind to itself when applied with water and heat. You can also apply this liquid onto your regular everyday clothing, making the self-repairing properties there already if a tear were ever to occur. The liquid has yet to be named.

Over the past year the liquid has been tested on several types of fabrics such as cotton, wool and polyester. The fluid was found to be completely safe (non-degradable) and machine approved. If you would like to read more about this, click here for more info. 

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Our Strange Universe

        People get so caught up in the struggles of everyday life that most of us overlook how absolutely incredible life really is. So I made this blog post as a friendly reminder to think big! Be grateful for this short and sweet life that you have the opportunity to experience, after all you have basically won the lottery of life.


e6e47246f8227c2cb8498d044361ce14.1000x1000x1     This has to be one of the strangest discoveries in science. I’m going to have to skip to the basics or else this could take up most of the post. Everything that makes up what we would refer to as “Reality” is made of atoms. Atoms are infinitesimally small and made of even smaller particles. Every atom by its nature has a invisible “force field” of sorts to protect the nucleus of the atom. So that device you’re holding in your hand, that seat your sitting in is actually just your senses picking up on the “Force fields” of one atomic material getting close to another. We can tear, poke, deform all sorts of matter, but In reality you can never really know what anything actually feels like, you can only know what the sensation feels like through the electrical signals in your brain.



This may come as no surprise to some, but still deserves a spot on the list. No matter is truly still. When you see a rock on the ground, or a piece of steel what is happening at a micro scale is amazing. The atoms that comprise the seemingly still object are actually shaking, moving around at incredible speed. Through close observation we can see how the whole universe is constantly in motion. Warming or cooling matter can change the speed at which the motion is happening but even at the coldest temperature created, it still moves.


sunearthtitleIf you were to scale the size of each atom that makes up matter anywhere, relative to the distance between each atom, it would be greater than the distance of the earth relative to the sun. Now when we take note on this it also tells us that most of an atom, or matter in general is actually empty space! In fact its now estimated that all matter in existence is 99.9% empty space. So that rock, or piece of steel is practically hollow. Pretty crazy right!?


the-largest-and-sharpest-image-e-1024x576When we look up at the night sky and see the breathtaking view of planets, stars, and constellations we are actually only seeing less than 1% of just the observable galaxy. Even the 1% is an inconceivable amount. When we take into consideration what else lies beyond, its estimated that there are more stars just in the observable universe than every grain of sand on every beach. Our imaginations cant grasp that number. Above, is a real picture recently released by NASA showing just how bizarre the universe really is. It almost looks solid. Its also the largest photo ever taken! If you would like to see the whole thing (highly suggested) click here.


aaaaMany people know by now that most of what we see when we gaze into the night sky is already gone. This is because like everything, light has a speed. 299 792 458 miles a second to be exact. The nearest star to earth is the sun, after that would be Proxima Centauri with a distance of 4.24 light years. The majority of stars you see are un-comparably further than 4 light years. This means by the time the light of those stars reach earth’s surface they have likely already died off.


main-qimg-4f5e1c0c328a23924a029b3a6c27b096Everything that makes up stars, nebula’s, planets, and life itself at base matter is fundamentally the same. Sounds, taste, sight, touch. Its all the same energy vibrating at a different frequency. Our senses allow us to tap into a small minority of whats actually all around us. There are sounds we cant hear, Light we cant see, and fluctuations in the air we cant pick up on. At base level it all comes from the same place. It all started with the big bang.


these are just a few crazy facts about our alien environment. I hope this lightens your day a little, and maybe inspires you to think big. Discovery’s like these are made everyday. We live in a universe of infinite possibility. Thanks for reading, NEVANK.